Unemployment, Really can we add any more stress……

So this is what you get when you file for unemployment. I have received three weeks of unemployment after being forced to take a leave of absence or resign due to no work in the behavioral health community center. All of this makes no since to me, why do we pay for unemployment if when we try to use it we are forced to take a job if it is offered have to complete two work searches a week and navigate the system online. I just spent 4 days on the phone to get medicaid all fixed after they approved it yet I could not use it because they had old insurance company’s from 10 years ago, so mant hoops to jump through…….  I also am have to enroll in my college classes now that my financials just went through again with the FASFA.   What on Earth is this country trying to pull with all of this I really want to know.   



  1. It seems to be weighted against the truly disabled. With my head injury issues, I’ve found these government hoops almost impossible to navigate. It helps a lot to have an advocate to assist with getting all the busy work done…but then there’s all the other crap they never tell you about….


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