Senators seek $30.2 million to increase pay for mental health workers – VTDigger

This I belive is so needed and worth addressing!  The findings of reserching, then seeing Senators who are seeing the inequality in the Health Care Industry. I started As a Individual Serivce Provided at 11.00$ 2/2014 saleray addjustments across the board brought me up to 11.54$ on 4/2014 after 90 days in 6/2014 my wages moved to 12.06$ as per the hiring requirements. On 2/2015 when I was there a year I received a raise to 13.20$ so were talking February 2015, This remained my pay until the day I had to resigned just this last May 2017. I have two kids to feed and I know others who are in this same boat. I can’t belive I worked so hard for so little on what employees have termed the Sinking Ship, many jumped off it others are still on the bow and I feel like I walked the plank. So people what Now. 


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